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gas block picatinny - 1

Flip Up Backup Iron Sights - Front & Rear Set - Same Plane or Gas Block Height

gas block picatinny - 2

UTG Low-Profile Compact Riser Mount, 0.5" High, 3 Slots

gas block picatinny - 3

UTG Model 4 Flip-up Front Sight for Reg Height Gas Block

gas block picatinny - 4

Sniper MFLRS02-G Green Tactical Smart Polymer Picatinny/Weaver Front and Rear Combo Set Flip Up Backup AR15 AR-15 M16 M4 M-4 Flattop A1 A2 Post Back Up Sight

gas block picatinny - 5

Green Blob Outdoors Iron Sights Match Grade Model 4/15 Rear & High Profile Front Sight Gas Block, DPMS Oracle

gas block picatinny - 6

SNIPER®Tactical Precision Machined Aluminum Picatinny/weaver Front And Rear Combo Set Flip Up Backup

gas block picatinny - 7

Ultimate Arms Gear Tactical Combo Combination Package Kit Set Include - Precision Machined Aluminum QD Weaver Picatinny Front High Profile BUIS Flip Up Backup AR15 AR-15 M16 M4 M-4 A1 A2 Post Back Up Iron Tower Sight Mount Front Sits on Gas Block + Steel A1 A2 Front Sight Dual Headed Adjustment Tool 4 and 5 Prongs

gas block picatinny - 8

Ozark Armament HK Style Flip Up Backup Sights Picatinny Mount BUIS

gas block picatinny - 9

Evans Unlimited BUIS Offset Backup Iron Sight - Front and Rear Canted 45 Degree Flip Up Sights for AR15 Picatinny Rail - Tactical Rapid Transition


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