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lg 42lh30 - 1

OEM LG Remote Control: 42LH30, 42LH300C, 42LF11-UA, 42LH20, 37LF11-UA, 37LH20

lg 42lh30 - 2

OEM LG Remote Control: 42LH20, 42LH200C, 42LH30, 42LH30UA, 42LH30-UA, 42LH30UALG, 42LH30-UALG

lg 42lh30 - 3

LG 37LH30 42LF11 42LH20 42LH20C 42LH30 42LH30C 47LF11 47LH30 47LH30C Remote

lg 42lh30 - 4

OEM LG Remote Control: 42LH300C-UA, 42LH30-UA, 37LH20-UA, 37LH30, 19LH20-UA, 22LH20

lg 42lh30 - 5

LG 42LH30 I/R Sensor Board- 0XDA35V2.0L

lg 42lh30 - 6

LG 42LH30 Television Key Button Board- EAX56608701

lg 42lh30 - 7

LG 42LH30 Television Main Board- EBR61100408

lg 42lh30 - 8

EBU60680850 Main Unit

lg 42lh30 - 9

LG EBU60680850


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